General Information


Pre-event information will be corresponded via your registration email address, the Milford Mountain Classic website and the Milford Mountain Classic Facebook page.

Race Packs

Race packs are only available for collection on the day of the event from Fiordland Community Events Centre, Luxmore Drive between 8.00am – 2.00pm. Please take note of the travel times and pick up your race pack with plenty of time to get to the start of your race.

Race Number

Your race number must be attached to your seat post for the entire event.


Timing will be completed using a Times-7 timing Wheel Tag.

Your transponder should be firmly attached to your wheel tag 4 fingers below rim on the front left fork. If the wheel tag is not attached to your bike properly you may not receive an official time.

CLICK HERE for fitting instructions.

Once you have crossed the finish line, please return your wheel tag to one of the marshals. If you do not finish the event, please return your wheel tag to one of the marshals at the finish line.

If your wheel tag is not returned, you will incur a $50.00 replacement fee.

What's Provided on the Course

  • Drop bags: you can leave gear in a bag at the start. Your bag will be brought back to the finish area at Te Anau for you to collect. Uncollected drop bags at the Finish will then be available at the breakfast prizegiving the following morning.
  • Aid stations: these will be provided at The Divide (90km to go); Knobs Flat (65km to go) and at the top of Retford Hill (35km to go).
  • Toilets: these are available on the course at The Divide, Knobs Flat, as well as additional toilets just off the highway in camping sites, where indicated by Department of Conservation signage.
  • First Aid: will be available at strategic locations on the course and at the finish line. 
  • Sag wagons: these will tail end the whole course.

Cut-off Times

The cut-off for all cyclists is 9.00pm at Te Anau Downs.

This is to ensure all competitors are finished before dusk and so Marshalls are similarly finished at a respectable time.

Course Safety

Safety is paramount. The long-term viability of the Event hinges on a good safety record. Organisers have taken all possible steps to ensure safety of competitors and the public but we need your help!

All entrants must abide by the following rules:

We recommend you have your bike and helmet checked, prior to arrival at the Event. It is also recommended to have a light on your bike for going through the Homer Tunnel.


Team vehicles will be permitted by arrangement with the Race organisers, but must display appropriate signage to be permitted this status by the Commissaires and Police. Riders supported by non-authorised vehicles will be disqualified from the event. Neutral support will be available to all competitors.

Obey the course marshals' directions – they are for your safety.

Parking for competitors at Milford Sound is only in the designated race park behind the Milford Airstrip, as you reach the town boundary. It is crucial for the Event's future that main parking areas nearer the Terminal are left for tourists.

Parking will be only permitted at designated sites on the Course, (particularly within the actively managed zone between Knobs Flat and Milford Sound where there will only be 3 sites: The Eastern portal of Homer Tunnel, the Monkey Creek Carpark and at The Divide. Those who park here will only be able to move off in convoy behind the tail-end vehicle and be able to resume normal travel from The Divide). Elsewhere on the Course parking must be in safe parking areas only, well off the road.

Mountain bikes are permitted in either race – we highly recommend the fitting of hybrid tyres to achieve a better average speed (essential to meet the cut-off times)

Aero bars are prohibited

All traffic laws must be obeyed. Police Traffic officers and Commissaires will be patrolling the course

There are many precautions that we take to make your ride a safe one, but remember that the entire course takes place on public roads open to all traffic – even in the actively managed zone from the Divide to Milford Sound keep alert!



We recommend supporters and spectators park at Distinction Te Anau – Hotel and Villas Lake Te Anau.

Please do not park on Lakefront Drive – the finish, for obvious reasons!

Finishing the Race

All cyclists will finish on Lakefront Drive parallel to Distinction Te Anau Hotel and Villas through the finishing chute, crossing the finish line timing mats and into the finisher's arena.

Once you enter the finisher's arena, a competitor only area, volunteers will assist you in taking off your transponder. All transponders must be returned at the finish line otherwise you will incur a $50.00 replacement fee.


Prizegiving for the whole event will be held at 8.30am on Sunday 22nd January 2016 (the following morning) at Fiordland Community Events Centre, Luxmore Drive, Te Anau. Please note breakfast will not be included in the prizegiving.

We anticipate prizegiving to be completed by 10.00am.

As well as the Event trophies and prizes, there is a fantastic array of spot prizes up for grabs - but you must be present at the prizegiving to receive these.

Lost property and uncollected drop bags from the Finish will be available at Prizegiving.


Supporters are more than welcome at all the starting lines and at the finish on Lakefront Drive in Te Anau. Only competitors, marshals, official event support vehicles and emergency vehicles are allowed within the peletons on the course.

Local Information

For further information about Milford, click here.

For further information about Te Anau, the finishing location, click here.



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