The Southernmost Synchronised Swimming Club in the World!


•               A unique water sport that develops strength, flexibility, grace, and endurance.  Focusing on fun, new and unique ways to move in the water, with increasingly complex skills, positions and movements over time

•               Motivational and inspires creativity

•               Benefits include cognitive skills such as counting, memorisation, rhythm, co-ordination, and visualisation

•               Teaches life skills such as teamwork, time management, commitment, perseverance, respect, co-operation, working together and helping others.

•               Beneficial to the development of an individual's involvement in sport and sense of accomplishment and having significant fitness benefits.


New swimmers typically start by attending a one hour per week lesson, early on a Saturday morning in the learner's pool (mermaid classes). As girls and boys progress through the club, they can choose to swim recreationally or competitively; at this point,  swim times will be extended and additional lessons added. 

Each year, girls and boys have the opportunity to compete at the South Island Championships and NZ National Championships.  Swimmers with potential to represent New Zealand are selected by Synchro Swim NZ take part in NZ development squad (Pikopiko & Koru) activities, and there are further selections held to compete in international competitions.

We have club water sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, during school terms. These club sessions are at Splash Palace, 56 Elles Road, Invercargill. During the lead up training for competitions, it is possible that swimmers will have additional training times. Also, our senior athletes have gym training at World Gym.  Our Club offers access to gymnastics training on Thursday evenings with the Invercargill Gymnastics Club.

Synchro is an all-year round sport, and we generally take a break during the summer school holidays and may take short breaks during the other school holidays for planning unless running an athletes camp.

Phoenix Synchro Southland run a STAR Programme which provides levels and standards that individual girls can train towards.  All girls and boys start at Star 1 and can ultimately progress to Star 10. Athletes also require different star levels for figures and routines to attend NZ National Championships.


Phoenix Synchro fees are set annually at the clubs AGM and are sent to families on a quarterly basis by our club treasurer

For beginners it will cost $75 per term (for one hour). Items required are a one-piece swim suit, goggles, swimming cap and a nose clip (Training swim suit, club caps and nose clips are available for purchase from the club uniform co-ordinator).

Splash Palace also requires an entry fee.   Concession cards are available or entry for an annual membership card which covers pool entry.  Contact Splash Palace directly for more information - 56 Elles Road, Georgetown, Invercargill 9812. Ph 03 217 7506