For swimmers eager to learn the sport of synchronized swimming, SSNZ Star Program, which is inspired on the Synchro Canada one, offers progressive, step-by-step instruction and evaluation suitable for a variety of ages and abilities. 

This developmental skills program offers instruction starting with basic skills and moving to more advanced techniques as swimmers progress through the levels. Swimmers will learn all of the fundamental sculls, basic figures and their parts, and be introduced to a sequence and routine component in the early levels (Stars 1-10). They will then move on to the most challenging figures and routine skill sets in the Superstar levels (on review at the moment)

On the Star Test, the swimmers have to perform in front of SSNZ Judges the elements required on the level their are sitting. The judges will have a Test Form in which they will record a score for each skill/figure a score (0 - 10) and write some feedback about the performance. Each level has a stabilised passing mark, and the swimmers can only fail up to two elements to pass the Test.  For each Star level the swimmer achieves, she will get a star badge. Each Star level is represented with a different colour.

To compete at SSNZ National Championships, the swimmers must have achieved the following Star Awards standars:


Star 3


Star 4


Star 5

12 & UNDER





Star 4

Star 6

Star 5

Star 4





Star 6

Star 8

Star 7


Star 6





Star 7

Star 9

Star 8





Star 10

Star 10

Star 8


Star 6

Star 1 Requirements (passing mark 4.0)

1. Back Layout position, sculling at hips.

2. Back layout position, travelling head first, 5 m.  

3. Back layout position, travelling foot first, 5 m.  

4. Back Flutter Kick in streamlined position 12 m.

5. Backstroke 12 m.  

6. Head up Breast Stroke / Whip Kick 12 m. 

7. Tub position with flat scull, sculling at hips.

8. 310 Somersault Back Tuck.

9. Pretzel with 360° rotation.

10. Routine Skills/Transitions - Back Layout (For 4 counts), Head first sculling (4 counts), Back Flutter kick (4 counts), Back Crawl (4 strokes), Back Layout (4 counts)

Star 2 Requirements  (passing mark 4.0) 

1. Front Layout Position, sculling at hips.

2. Propeller 5 m.  

3. Paddle Scull 5 m.

4. Side Flutter Kick 12 m each way.  

5. Front flutter kick, head up, 12 m.

6. Eggbeater Stationary 20 seconds.

7. Tub position surface rotation (360° Right and Left).

8. Sailboat Alternate.

9. Front Layout Position to Front Pike Position.

10. Routine Skills/Transitions – Propeller (4 counts), side sit-up to Eggbeater, Stationary Eggbeater (4 counts), Side Flutter kick (4 counts), Front Layout (4 counts), Breaststroke (4 strokes), Front Layout (4 counts)

Star 3 Requirements  (passing mark 4.0) 

1. Reverse Propeller, 5 m.

2. Barrel Scull 5 m.  

3. 303 Somersault Back Pike.

4. Bent Knee Front Layout position.

5. Split Position, join to Vertical Position, at ankles.

6. Surface Flamingo Position.

7. Support scull, foot first to bottom of pool 2m.

8. Freestyle, head up 12m.

9. Eggbeater travelling sideways 6m, right & left.

10. Kick-Pull-Kick, shoulders square, 4 right, 4 left, 4 alternating lead arm.

Star 4 Requirements  (passing mark 4.5) 

1. Support Scull in tabletop position 10 sec.

2. 360 Walkover Front.

3. Split scull in submerged ballet leg position 5 sec.

4. Back Layout to Submerged Back Pike Position.

5. Inverted Tuck, with support scull, to Vertical position.

6. Front Pike position to Crane position.

7. Bent Knee Vertical position.

8. Thrust.

9. Eggbeater travelling forward 6 m. and backward 6 m.

10. 101 Ballet Leg Single.

Star 5 Requirements (passing mark 4.5)  

1. Support Scull in Split Position.

2. Support Scull drill –Support scull on tummy travelling foot first, 5m

3. Boost (no arm raised), to waist height.

4. Back layout to Surface Arch Position.

5. 301 Barracuda.            

6. 401 Swordfish.            

7. Submerged Ballet Leg Position, to Surface Ballet Leg Position.             

8. Crane Position to Bent Knee Vertical Position.         

9. 355 Porpoise.

10. Submerged Flamingo position, Thrust to Bent Knee Vertical Position (End of 342 Heron).

Star 6 Requirements (passing mark 4.5)  

1. Fishtail Position.

2. Bent Knee vertical Position to Vertical Position, followed by a Vertical Descent.

3. Catalina Reverse rotation.

4. Split position to Front Pike Position to Front Layout.

5. 420 Walkover Back.

6. Boost - (one arm raised).

7. 240 Albatross.

8. Eggbeater travelling sideways with one arm raised to 45° and both shoulders dry,           10m Right and Left.

9. Front Layout to Submerged Flamingo Position (Beginning of 342 Heron).

10. Bent Knee Vertical exchanges.

 Star 7 Requirements (passing mark 4.5)  

1. Catalina Rotation.

2. Crane to Vertical Position.

3. Knight Position.

4. Side Fishtail Position.

5 Split closing 180º to Vertical Position.

6. Ariana Rotation (From Split Position, 180 degree rotation of hips).

7. From a Vertical position, 360º spin.

8. 301d Barracuda spinning 180°.

9. 140 Flamingo Bent Knee.

10. Ballet Leg roll to surface (Eiffel Tower transition).

Star 8 Requirements (passing mark 5.0)   

1. Back Layout to Bent knee Surface Arch to bent knee Vertical.

2. Back Layout to Surface Arch to Split Position.

3. Bent Knee vertical 180º spin.

4. Front Pike Position to Split Position, 180° surface arc.

5. Ballet Leg Single, to knight position.

6. 301e Barracuda spinning 360°.

7. Ballet leg to crane (Ibis rock back).

8. 355b Porpoise Full Twist.

9. 313 Kip Split Closing 180°.

10. 241 Goeland.

Star 9 Requirements (passing mark 5.0)   

1. Middle Split Position.

2. Eggbeater travelling forwards with both arms raised and shoulders dry, 15m).

3. Combined Spin.

4. Half twist in vertical position, to split position.

5. 436 Cyclone.

6. Bent Knee Combined Spin.

7. Double Ballet Leg hold 5 sec.

8. 301c Barracuda Twirl.

9. 128 Eiffel Walk.

10. 435f Nova Continuous Spin 720 º.

Star 10 Requirements (passing mark 5.0)  

1. Side Fishtail Position travelling sideways, 5m Right & Left.

2. Crane position, half twist.

3. Submerged double ballet leg to vertical position (Gaviata rotation).

4. Surface Double Ballet Leg, 360 rotation.

5. Bent Knee Vertical Half Twist.

6. Vertical, Half Twist followed by 360º spin to ankles.

7. From a  Front Pike Position a full twist to Vertical Position

8. 116 Catarlarc

9. Rocket split

10. 307 Flying Fish