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2016 2nd half Membership Form

2017 Membership Form


Some usefull Info

If you are new to BMX racing you may be wondering how on earth you get your child into racing.

Here is a brief guide to help you on your way to supporting your budding future Olympian…


To race at the Nationals, a rider must first be registered with an OPEN license.

This allows the rider to race away from the Southland track. Or if you have a "Sprocket" rider under 7 years old (UCI age) they can race at any track.


So at the start of the year when it comes to licensing, you need to ask yourself, are we going to start competing nationally or are we happy with the club night racing?

Racing away from the track is not for everyone as everyone has their own circumstances but we do encourage those

that want to compete, to get into it from an early age.


You must complete 4 NQM's to compete at the Nationals.

Each year BMX NZ will publish the dates of events from one Nationals meeting through to the next and will state which ones are NQM's.

If you require any further information, please contact the Southland BMX Club Secretary.