Monday Night Coaching Sessions
6pm every Monday at the Lime Street Track ... all welcome!
Riders are split into ability groups, parents are encouraged to assist the coaches.

Bike Safety Checks

At the beginning of every training session start with a bike and clothing safety check, if you make an effort to do this every time, it will become a very valuable habit.

A bike safety check should include:

  • The tyres are pumped up to the recommended pressure 
  • The wheel nuts and bolts are tight 
  • The hub cones and bottom bracket and headset dont have excessive play 
  • The wheels are running true (straight) without loose or broken spokes 
  • The brakes are working and arent rubbing on the rim. Check the brake pads arent set too high (this can cause them to rub on the tyre while braking). 
  • The chain has enough tension