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Department of Conservation Conservation Management Strategy 2014-2024

The Department of Conservation is currently developing it's 2014 - 2024 Conservation Management Strategy for Murihiku and Fiordland areas. DoC's vision is to encourage New Zealanders to experience our healthy environment and believe the "benefits nature provides are also multi-faceted and broad-they feed our social, physical, cultural and spiritual health, and our wealth."

Click on the link to view a map of the Murihuku and Fiordland conservancy areas.

Whilst there are a number of areas in the Murihiku area allocated for mountain biking these are mainly restricted to gravel roads and 4wd trails. There are limited opportunities for mountain biking on existing tracks and fewer mountain bike specific trails. In addition DoC are also asking if mountain biking should be allowed on existing and new tracks in the Fiordland area. From the CMS document...


In addition to the existing mountain biking opportunities in Fiordland National Park (see Table 3.1, Policy 3.3.1), the Department is considering allowing mountain biking on a number of other existing and/or new purpose-built tracks (see Table 3.2, Policy 3.3.6) in Fiordland National Park. The existing tracks are on sections of the Kepler Track and sections of the Hollyford Track from Hollyford Road end to Martins Bay. The new tracks are proposed to be at Forest Burn, at Harts Hill, along the edge of Lake Te Anau (Te Anau to Te Anau Downs), from Supply Bay to Frazers Beach (Lake Manapouri), and from Balloon Loop to Supply Bay Road.

Your initial feedback is sought on these proposed new mountain biking opportunities in Fiordland National Park through the public notification of this strategy.

If there is public support for new mountain biking opportunities in Fiordland National Park, the Department will undertake a partial review of the Fiordland National Park Management Plan 2007. This will be carried out in accordance with sections 46 and 47 of the National Parks Act 1980 and General Policy for National Parks 2005. Any such review will consider a number of matters, including measures to minimise adverse effects (including cumulative effects) on national park values and to protect the experiences of, and avoid creating hazards for, others. This could include trial periods, restricted seasons, limits on numbers, one-way flow and adherence to a nationally recognised user code. Monitoring of mountain biking use would also need to be considered, along with what actions should be taken if adverse effects arise, including the possibility of use no longer being allowed.

You can view the full CMS Draft document online at

The Southland Mountain Bike Club is preparing a submission but you can also put forward your own submission. To make things easier we've prepared a submission which you can download, edit and send in. Just click on the link below.

Individual Submission         Group Submission

Click here to view the club's submission document.

Once completed you can send by post to: CMS Submissions, Department of Conservation, Private Bag 4715, Christchurch Mail Centre, Christchurch 8140 or email to:

Connor Harvey is going places

Conor HarveyPietermaritzburg, to be exact.  The 18-year-old learned last week he's been selected to join Bike NZ's junior team in South Africa next month, where he'll compete in the downhill mountainbike section of this year's UCI Mountain Bike World Championship. And Connor is confident – he acknowledges a lot of the other junior riders have previous World Cup racing experience, but says that with his training and the right mind set, aiming for a place somewhere in the top 20 is a good goal; "You've got to have the skills and fitness but you've also got to have the right head game." 

After making his start in the sport in Invercargill, where he is still an active member of the Southland Mountainbike Club – Connor helped build the club's current downhill track in Bluff –Connor has thrived on the wealth of training opportunities offered in the nearby Wakatipu area.  He says the variety of tracks, and keeping up with skilled local riders in Queenstown, has been great preparation for the Worlds.  Connor will also now begin a training programme designed for him by his friend Matt Reid, including a weights component, specifically targeting the World Championship event on August 30th.

Connor's rise in downhill racing has been relatively fast: it was only last year he competed in the South Island rounds of the NZ Cup for the first time.  His results, including a top ten result in two of the rounds, were extremely promising and thanks to encouragement from fellow club member Pete Jeffcoate, Connor started eyeing up the World Champs as a real possibility.  This year Connor won the Bluff round of the NZ Mountain Bike Cup and finished third overall for the series, proving he understands how to prepare for competition.  Connor also appreciates the support he's had from his mother; "mountainbiking, and the travel it involves, can be expensive!"; and from Matt at Arrow Bikes in Arrowtown. 

Regardless of competition results, Connor loves the excitement of mountainbiking – "it just feels cool" - the beautiful scenery it offers and the people he has met through the downhill scene; "It's a great sport, the more people that do it, the better!"

Of course, when he gets to Pietermaritzburg next month, Connor will be focused on producing results and achieving his goal to finish in the top 20; "I know I've got what it takes."

To assist with travel costs Connor has applied for an ILT Foundation scholarship and all entry fees for the August round of the Cycle Surgery Winter Series will be donated by the club to help cover extra costs.

Trail Pixies spotted

– Sport Southland staff at Sandy Point helping out with trail maintenance during the BNZ Closed for Good Day!

Update From MTBNZ Executive – 21 February 2012 >>

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Committee Members 

Following the Club's 2013 AGM we have some new committee members. The full list of officers is:

President – David Brookland
Vice President – Brett McIntyre
Secretary – Diana Kidd
Treasurer – Jamie Cross 
Cross Country Representative – Ian Wright, Ryan Harvey, Craig Holland
Down Hill Representative – Pete Miller, Ryan Harvey

Ever wondered how those mountain bike trails get built?
Check out
Mythbusting the trail pixies and all will be revealed …



Bluff Hill Trails

Map >>

We're opening up the trails for everyone to ride! Please make use of them and enjoy them. Even though there is still a bit of work to be done on them we feel it's best to have mountain bikers out there as often as possible riding the trails, it'll help deter the local motor bikes from riding them and the trails should pack down with a bit of riding and some fine weather.

Note: Please only ride the singletrack trails in the direction indicated below (anti-clockwise), we don't want any head on crashes.

To access the trails:
• When heading in to Bluff turn right up Liffey Street
• Turn right at MacDougal Street, park up and get the bikes out.
• Bike up the access road and follow it right around past the water storage tanks - there's a bit of mud to get through but we'll fix that in the future and a few tree roots to negotiate.
• Once past the storage tanks follow the access road up the short steep hill and up to the start of the Green Day trail.
• At the end of Green Day head downhill along the access road to the start of Weezer
• Bike up Weezer enjoying the views, log and rock rides along the way
• At the trail junction you can take a shortcut down the Fixx or stay right and ride up to the highest point
• Enjoy the ride down but keep alert, this isn't like Sandy Point and a couple of the corners tighten up
• Carefully desend down off The Fixx and across the access road to dDub
• dDub is the newest trail so it's a bit wet in places so try not to muddy it up
• at the end of dDub trurn left and you can ride up Green Day again or follow the access road back to MacDougal Steet or detour thru the trees on the way down.

As mountain bike riders you are allowed to ride the trails. Motorbikes, scooters and horses aren't!
Please don't park on Flagstaff Road, doing this will only jeopardise our access to the trails in the future.
Look after the trails they will only get better in time but we need to look after them. 

Bluff Hill Trails Construction - Photo Gallery >>


The Club's membership year runs from 1 May 2010 until 30th April 2011.

Anyone who joins the club from 1 March 2010 will have membership until 30 April 2011.

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