Diamond layout 
For a copy of our diamond map (updated Oct 2016)      --- Click Here ---

SSA Forms
Club transfer form                                                          --- Click Here ---
Inter-Association Transfer from                --- Click Here ---
Team Player Registration should now be done through Sporty. Contact SSA for more information

Annual Report
Southland Softball Association Annual Report 2015/16   --- Click Here ---

Do you have a question for our association? Please use the document below to determine the correct process to get the answer that you need
Lines of Communication                                                
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Regrade Process
Do you or someone in your club need permission to player in a grade lower than the one you currently or last played in? Please follow the process below

Please supply a letter (can be submitted on behalf of the player by their club) to The Convener, PO Box 6066, Windsor North, Invercargill 9814 or email admin@southlandsoftball.co.nz with the following information
- the last year you played
- the last grade you played in
- your age
- the position/s you usually played
- your reasons for wanting to play in a lower grade – for example, age, injury, period of time since you last played, standard of competition

Host Responsibility        --- Click Here ---

Code of Conducts
Officials                          --- Click here ---
Parent and Spectators   --- Click here ---
Players                           --- Click here ---
Representative Players  --- Click Here ---
Volunteers                     --- Click Here ---

Saturday Competition Rules
SSA Sling Shot Pitching Machine Guidelines - Nov 2013                                    --- Click Here ---
ASA and International Softball Association approved bat lists (for N               --- Click Here ---
International Softball Association SF points of emphasis
 (Fast Pitch Only)      --- Click Here --- 
ISF Official playing rules                                                                                --- Click Here --- 
Pitching rules 2010-2013                                                                                     --- Click Here --- 

Other Competition Rules
Secondary Schools Monday afternoon Competition Rules and schools Entry Form 2014 --- Click Here ---
Intercity - as at 16 February 2017                                                                                             --- Click Here ---


Want to see a copy of our Constitution?                                                 --- Click Here --- 
(Updated as at the 2015 Annual General Meeting)

Strategic Plan
The SSA is committee to growing softball in our region and the development --- Click Here ----
of our game please click the link to see our overall plan and watch this space
for our development and representative plans coming soon