NEWSLETTER 3 – March 2010
Welcome to another update on the activities and decisions being made by the Southland Squash Board. We hope all Clubs received the last newsletter and pinned it to notice boards for all members to see and read.

WEB SITE: We hope you have all had an opportunity to view the Southland Squash Web site. It is a work in progress and ideas are continually being put forward to update and improve it. We ask that Clubs send in reports on their tournaments, club championships, fund raising, photos, happenings etc to make the site more personal and informative. All ideas and reports are gratefully received by Pam. Results from the interclub tournaments are intended to be loaded and perhaps organising clubs could do a report on "play so far" - just a thought!

DISTRICT STATISTICIAN: Jenny asks if team captains could please check all details on the interclub score sheets, and ensure that the codes in particular are clear and easy to read. Loading of points on to the grading list becomes a problem with incorrect or unreadable codes. Thank you.

A reminder that the Southland eliminations for this event are July 18-19, so think about entering a team.

MEMBERSHIP LIST: Please, Please, Please forward lists of your current members to Penny. The $10 per member that Southland Squash receives from the Community Trust goes towards paying for our two new Junior Development Officers who are doing a great job. We know you are all busy but we do appreciate your assistance in this as we all benefit from our Development Officers. We need to send in the lists to the Trust by June 30th so your immediate attention would be much appreciated. Thanks.

OLYMPICS 2016: Squash New Zealand launched its bid to be included in the Olympics on World Squash Day with a bungy jump off the Auckland Harbour Bridge done by Phil Somervelle.