Invercargill Adult Module - Information

Welcome to Touch Southland for a great season of summer Touch - the biggest participation team sport in New Zealand! 

We look forward to bringing you a fun, enjoyable and professional summer at the Turnbull Thomson Park competition. 

Invercargill Adult 
Venue: Turnbull Thomson Park, Invercargill 
Games will be played between 6pm and 7.30pm on Thursday 
**Times may change subject to team entries** 

Touch Southland are always looking for referees if any of your team is interested contact

Grades: Thursday 6pm Corporate Mixed (Business House), 6.30pm Mens, Womens, 7pm Mixed 

Fees : $460 till the 12th October* and $500 after 12th October 2017 
(plus $7.00 per team payable to the ref at the start of each game) 
Payment options: 
o Online Registration, or direct credit/internet banking 
o Direct credit - Bank Account details are; Touch Southland, BNZ 02 0924 0098140 00 
*If you are paying by direct credit please make sure you include your team name, or reference number, as a reference otherwise we will not be able to match the payment up to your team 

Format: 15 weeks of competition games plus semis and finals ( 1st March 2018 will be used as a catch up day  with all teams playing but no flag points )
First Games: Thursday 12th October 2017
Entries Close: 5pm Monday 19th October 2017
Payments: $460 due with registration 

Please adhere to the Touch New Zealand 8th Edition rulebook. Base rules will be published on our website under Rules of Touch. No
No grading games

Round 1- Teams will either be put into even pools or  will play a round robin until 30th November 2017 ( depending on number of teams)
Round 2 - Teams will move into a top half and a bottom half  and the remainder of teams will play in 2nd division in each grade Business House, Men's, Women's and Mixed ( if we have enough teams we will play a 3rd division)
Semi-finals night - All teams play on this night
Finals - All teams play on this night
Semi finals will be played on Thursday 22nd February 2018 where the 1st qualifier plays 4th and the 2nd qualifier plays 3rd. If weather prevents play on the semi final date, straight finals will be played the following week with 1st playing 2nd in each grade.
Finals will be played on Friday 9th March 2018 where all teams will have games. If weather prevents play on the finals day, Friday the 16th of March 2018 will be a reserve day. If weather prevents play on this day and the semi-finals have been played, the team that finished the highest in the round robin will be confirmed the winner. If the semi-final and the finals cannot be played, the winners of the round robin will be confirmed as winners. BIG WILLYS, (NEWFIELD TAVERN) Prizes (Bar Tabs $100 first prize and $50 second prize for all grades) will be awarded to teams. The prize giving  will be straight after Friday night finals at 8.30 pm at the BIG WILLYS. Teams will need to be  present at the prize giving to claim prizes.
Game slots will be 30 minute brackets depending on numbers and daylight. This will include 13 minute halves, a 2 minute halftime and a 2minute break between games.
Semi finals and finals games that end in a draw at full time will play a drop off. One player leaves the field every two minutes, the winner is the team to score a touchdown, right of reply is given if a touchdown is scored in first set from start. Players drop off until a touchdown is scored but to no fewer than 3 a-side.

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