Rules: Primary Schools

The referee in charge of the game shall be the sole judge on all matters pertaining to the game.
Many of these referees used are junior representitives who are learning the role.

Year 1 and 2: Touch Rules

There will be no penalties (unless for foul play). If an offence occurs that is normaly a penalty offence (touch and pass, roll ball off the mark and forward pass etc), the ball is returned to the offending player. Tell them what happened, let them restart with a roll ball and add one touch count (unless it is 6th touch).

Touches are made with one hand, with minimal forceon any part of the body and ball (encourage players to call out their touches). Six touches are allowed before handing the ball over to the opposing team who restarts with a rol ball.

Ball Handling
If the ball is dropped and no advantage is gained from dropping it, possession is retained, the ball can be picked up and play can bcontinue.

The ball must be grounded on or over the score line, with one point being awarded per touchdown. The game is then restarted with a tap midway along the half way line.

Dummy Half
The dummy half (who picks up the ball after it has been rooled) must pass the ball without delay. If dummy half runs with the ball then stop the play and replay the roll ball again.

After each touch is made defending players must move back 5m from the roll ball mark (in line with the referee) and cannot move up until after the dummy half pass has been caught by the receiver

The game starts with a tap midway along the halfway line, and is restarted in the same way after a touchdown. The player must put the ball on the ground and let it go before tapping with their foot.

If the player in possession of the ball goes out of the field of play, the attacking team retains possession. The ball is brought back to where tha attacking player had run out and touch is added the count. If that would be the 6th touch then possession is handed over.

Subbing are allowed onto the field by first tapping their teammate on the hand. That player must then leave the field at once. Non-playing players must not interfere with players.

A team consists of ten players, with a maximum of six allowed on the field at any one time.

Teams must be mixed with a maximum of four males allowed on the field at any one time.

The game is made up of two halves of thirteen minutes, with one minute at half timeand three between games.

One coach per team is allowed on field to run behind their team and give positive, constructive feedback only.

Year 3 and 4: Touch Rules 

Rules are the same as Year 1 and 2 except:

Ball Handling
When the ball is dropped for the first time by each team, the referee may stop play and suggest a more accurate way of delivering the ball. Possession is retained, and the roll ball is replayed. Any subsequent drops may result in possession being given to the opposing team to restart with a roll ball.

Year 5 and 6: Touch Rules 

Touch New Zealand playing rules with the following exceptions:

  • A team consists of twelve players, six of whom are allowed on the field at any time. The game has two halves of 13minutes, and one minute at half time.
  • For the mixed teams, a maximum of four males on the field at any one time.
  • Adults are not permitted to run behind in this grade.

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