Team/Player Registration

CLICK HERE to register a team or an individual player (link coming soon...)

For instructions on registering teams or players CLICK HERE for more visual instructions, or see below

Online Registration Instructions: Add a Team

Click on New Team Registration and then Continue

Fill in your contact and team's details, select which competition you'd like to enter, accept the Terms and Conditions and press Confirm

Enter in your teammates' email addresses and this will send them an automatic email to join your team for this season. Click on 'Invite Teammates Now'. To manually enter players, see the Add a Player guide (below) or CLICK HERE for the instructions

Check your email - you should have received confirmation of your provisional entry into the competition. Forward this to your teammates with the instruction to click on the link to register for your team. If you play in your team as well then you'll also have to register as a Player. To do this, simply follow the link in the email

Select 'I'm Registering for the First Time' (remember, at this point the system doesn't know you're a player even though it knows you're a manager). Your team code is automatically entered. Click Continue

Fill in your name and birthdate and click Continue; enter your contact details, agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Confirm

You're done!

Online Registration Instructions: Add a Player

Navigate your web browser to

Enter in your Team Code and Password that is listed on your team's confirmation of entry email and then click Login

In the left hand column click on Members

Click on the Add a Member icon

Add in a player's name, date of birth and contact details and click on Update Member

To add another team member/s click on Add another Member and repeat the process above

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